Donghe New Material Technology Co. LTD has successfully developed Eco-friendly PP decorative film and has acquired innovation patent and passed REACH test!

Flat File Production System SYS-41A-600


1. Business File Clip is a product made of multiple layers of PP sheet and this machine is fully automatic manufaturing machine which is designed especially for making this product.

2. Production flow is from multiple rollers of sheet material though in-feeding roller, holes punching, ultrasonic dot sealing, hot stamping to trim off, it is a fully automatic production line.

3. The machine uses servo motor to drive feeding and also uses digital computing unit for control to ensure the size to be accurate.

4. The principle feature for the machine is to save manpower and resources and also simplify production flow.

5. Each unwinder uses edge position controller (E.P.C), so the products can be neat.

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