Donghe New Material Technology Co. LTD has successfully developed Eco-friendly PP decorative film and has acquired innovation patent and passed REACH test!

PP decorative film for furniture

New generation eco-friendly PP decorative film  is used for decorating and protecting indoor furniture, floor or wall, so that the furniture our your house can be more beautiful and with longer service life.It can be used as Decorative bathroom film and Furniture decorative film.

This new material is based on nano technology and polymer modification technology. Its chemical and physical nature has been optimized so that it has enough adhesive force to be used as DECORATION / PROTECTION FILM for wooden and metal furniture. Appearance of this material is a great breakthrough in the field of environment friendly decoration.  

Advantages of PP decorative film:

1. Eco-friendly: Free of formaldehyde, preservatives, heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances, comply with the requirements of the furniture safety, health, environmental protection, detection through a series of standards 'interior decoration materials and REACH.
2. Excellent performance: Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean, color-keeping; Appearance and feel close to the natural wood, lifelike texture; Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-infiltration and anti-UV, to adapt to the ambient temperature of -20¡ã C to 110¡ã C.
3. Technology: Suitable for plastic uptake (especially deep uptake), coating and laminating on metal surface, collapsible and meet variety of demands for designing and processing.
4. Industry upgrading: Completely replace PVC fabric industry, enhance the furniture product quality and environmental value to achieve sustainable industry development.
5. Cost advantage: Production in mainland of China is more cost-effective than similar PP fabric made in other countries.
6. Wide range of applications: Suitable for the production of plate-type furniture, paint-free doors, wooden floors, wallpaper, decorative board, household electronics, sound boxes, cabinets, gift boxes, packaging, Decorative bathroom film and Furniture decorative film etc.

























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